The Crate Escape

During late November I started working on a personal project during my free time and that project is The Crate Escape, this started out as a small personal project that was to teach me the new Unity2D toolkit and it worked perfectly, I learnt a lot about Unity2D, I started by following the following tutorial – Pixelnest Unity2D tutorial.

This tutorial helped me understand the basics of the Unity2D framework, it shows how to use new features that were included for 2D games in Unity and how you can combine these features to develop 2D games even in such a short time.

The Crate Escape is currently available in full release on the following platforms –  Android, Kindle, Windows Phone 8 and is in a open beta on Black Berry 10 devices, I will add download links at the bottom for the various platforms.

I am currently working on developing the next update 1.7 and this will bring with it the deployment to iOS, I have had many requests for an iOS port of the game and after a lot of feedback and development based on that feedback I feel the time is drawing closer to when I will finally feel comfortable with it being available to the iOS users.

The image below shows a new layout for the options menu and an added feature for sensitivity adjustments, also shown is a new credits page.

I am always looking for constructive feedback so that I can improve the game for the users and add features I feel would help develop the game further.

Downloads – Android, Kindle, Windows Phone 8

2014-02-23 13.51.12

2014-02-23 13.52.33


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