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SureFooting Pre-Alpha
SureFooting Pre-Alpha


Tommy: Project Lead on Sure Footing

One of the biggest challenges in procedurally generating content for games of any kind, is ensuring people like it.  Though how do you know whether someone will like something you generate?  While ultimately you cannot please everyone, you are bound to please someone if you try hard enough.  Of course, people ‘liking’ anything is largely subjective: one thing you might like does not necessarily mean that another person will like it equally.  Even then, they may like it for completely different reasons.

These are ideas that have been rolling around in my head for some time: how do games accommodate for this?  I have written about this at length at my own site.  The main thing is that it is not as clear cut as ‘making it like-able’: designers have a much greater hold over how content is created.  In some cases the design of the game, such as Borderlands, reinforces the notion of discarding content that is deemed poor in the eyes of the player.  However, it does hold some value in that it can be traded or sold.

This project is aimed at addressing two important issues:

  • Creating bespoke content, that is interested in tailoring the experience based on what we learn about the player.
  • Allowing players to create content that can be used by the AI system.
  • Allowing players to share that experience, either for good or ill.


During the summer of 2014 we have been really busy moving towards the first alpha build of Sure Footing.  I’m pleased to say that we now have a playable build, but I wouldn’t go so far as calling it an alpha.  A lot of the basics of gameplay are there, but the larger and more interesting framework that procedurally generates the game is not yet in place.  We have some simple procedural generation systems in play, but the more user-driven framework is still a way from completion.  Naturally we’ll be keeping you up to date on our progress.


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