Project Courage

Courage the wolf

Our project is called Courage and is a co-op based game where one player uses an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to experience the game in a first person perspective and to take on the role of a young child. the second player has a third person perspective of their character where they take on the role as a Spirit wolf who is a manifestation of the young child’s courage.

The co-op element of this game comes from the need for the child and spirit wolf to stay close together, this is due to them being intrinsically linked where the child will lose her sanity which represents her health if she is separated from her spirit companion or falls under attack by enemy spiders, communication is key to completing the game. The Spirit wolf is able to scare the enemy spiders away from the child to protect her while the child can attack the spiders with her slingshot. The Spirit wolf is also able to reveal spirit objects the child would not normally be able to see, this is an important part when revealing clues and items for the puzzles within the game.

The young child and her spirit companion will explore a vast forest land where spiders roam and the darkness is your enemy. Will you conquer the child’s fear of spiders together or will you be forever trapped within this nightmare state.~

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