Game Development Week 10– Blog #8 – Spider Queen!

This week has been a long week for development, I’ve cleaned up a lot of my work and committed it to our main build so that the other members of the team could see the progress I had made. First was the finished addition of the squad struct added to the Squad Manager and working on the retreat location for leaderless squad spiders.


After some lengthy discussion with the team we decided that the wolf growling at the spiders to slow them down didn’t feel like a good mechanic because it made it almost impossible for the spiders to actually get close or hurt the child. We decided to replace this with a feature that causes the spiders to retreat to a location away from the Wolf.


The larger feature I worked on this week was implementing the Spider Queens mechanics for the end boss fight. The Queen needed to move into a reared state when growled at by the Wolf and this would cause her to become vulnerable to the Child’s slingshot. I achieved this by adding a second hitbox that was only visible and used when the spider queen was in a reared state. When she takes damage she returns to her starting point where you have to repeat the previous actions two more times.

Tomas added an extra event to the fight as we felt it was too simplistic in its current form, the spider queen now spawns a ranged spider every 10 seconds until the queen is defeated. This added some more complexity to the fight and was a welcome addition.

Lasted was the wildlife that we wanted to add to the game to give the environment a more lively feel. I was originally going to implement them using the navmesh function that finds a random point within the navmesh and then it would path to it but Bradley and Tomas has discussed this and decided it would be easier to use Splines. Tomas created the basic spline which the given actor would follow.

I tweaked this so that we could delete wildlife once they had traversed their given spline. I did this using the following blueprint.



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