Game Development Week 4 – Blog #2

This week we met on Monday to discuss the current plans for the week and began to discuss what tasks we needed to have done over the next two weeks.

Tuesday we had our meeting to discuss our progress with the team and our module leaders, before this however we were given our tasks and the deadlines for these. Brad and Brett have been put in charge of developing the Wolf and Child characters.

Aleksandra, Tomas and I have been given charge of the AI for the game and we got to work talking about what behaviours we wanted our AI’s to have and the different type of enemy AI that would be included in our end build. We decided to have three types of AI Aleksandra has the task of creating a spider enemy that attacks from a distance and attempts to keep a distance between itself and a target. Tomas has been given the task to develop a melee spider which will move towards the target until it is within attack range and finally I have been given the task of creating a Squad Based AI that will attempt to act with a hive mind.

Spider Concept
Spider Concept Art

Each of the AI’s will have generic behaviour for patrolling and when they are alerted to an enemy presence. The custom AI’s will then fall into their own behaviours based on what type of AI they are.

We plan to have some progress made by Tuesday 17th February so that we can show how they will work in our current environment.

I’ve had some ideas for the Squad Based AI that I have shared with the group and I hope it makes the AI feel more intelligent and more group based than acting without any knowledge of any other AI in their squad. I plan to have the Squads AI’s take some behaviour that can be seen in the Halo games where the grunt will retreat when a larger fellow AI has fallen. The plan is to have the Squad Manager look out for the Melee and Ranged spiders dying and if this happens within some proximity of the squad AI they will retreat to another larger AI, hopefully this will present an engaging experience for the players when they’re entering combat.

Courage Concept
Courage Concept

Thanks for reading and come back next week for the third instalment.


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