Game Development Week 3 – Blog #1

The first two weeks of our project have mostly been planning and deciding on all of the various software we will be using over the course of this project.

The first session we spent just brainstorming ideas and sharing them, we wrote a complete list of every idea that we had and we also built ideas off of other ideas people had. Due to all of us having different thoughts for what we wanted to produce gathering a list of everything we found was a good start as we could later refine this list into a group of features that we would like to be present in our final product.

Spirit Concepts
Spirit Concepts – By Josh Williams

Alongside this planning we discussed and agreed on the tool sets that we would be using for the development and how people felt about using these tools. Unreal Engine 4 was our choice of engine due to the graphical effects that it can provide along with the use of an Oculus Rift we want to produce a truly immersive experience for our players. Although Unreal Engine 4 has some disadvantages for the programmers we decided overall that the advantages outweighed them.

Secondly we decided to use SVN subrevision for our choice of source control as most of us were familiar with it and we could teach it to anyone who hadn’t used it before. One of our team members has his own server so hosting this SVN isn’t a problem and it allows us to store all of our data locally and backed up safely.

We found the team management website Producteev that we began using but quickly found that it was not suited to our needs and have since moved over to using Teamwork because it allowed for us to set individual tasks to our team members and allow them to be completed on a per person basis rather than everyone having to confirm completion of a task.

Moving into the second week we sat down and went through each individual idea and mechanic and split them off we then decided what idea’s we liked and narrowed down the pool of ideas, as this happened we slowly come to a general idea of what we wanted to produce and as time went on we refined the finer details that lead to the concept that is courage.

Courage the wolf
Courage the wolf – By Josh Williams

During this week and some of this week we have been working on our Product overview document and our presentation. We come together on Google Hangouts to discuss what we wanted to put in our technical document and the presentation how we wanted to represent our concept and what we want from our final product.

After the presentation tonight I feel like everything is on track for a great end product and look forward to moving into full scale development with our team of programmers and artists.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for the next installment.


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