Pushing Forward

Welcome back everyone, I’ve taken some time recently to relax and enjoy being back home with my family before I jump back into work and now that I have had some time to just sit and think about things and generally feeling better in myself I think its time to get back down to programming & game design.

So I have a few idea’s that I want to work on which I have been thinking about for a while and I’m going to start building some prototype versions to see how they pan out as an actual game rather than just a concept.

I’ve recently been working on a Project by the Title of Sure Footing, this is a project between 3 Programmers and an artist. The basic idea is to have an infinite runner with procedural generation based on user feedback and requirements. You can find screen shots and discussions on the Table Flip Games Facebook page. We will continually update this so that we can provide the newest information to our fans.

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I have been developing code for our game and helping squash bugs that appear, we recently had an Alpha build ready for our Artist to display for part of his masters course work. We have come a long way quite recently and the project is really starting to shape up. I look forward to sharing more when we have more information and when we release our first playable build!

Next we have a new project I started work on yesterday after a long time considering this idea and looking for the motivation I finally started it and its shaping up pretty good even with only 4 hours worth of work put into it. I’m hoping to have a build ready for some screenshots soon that will display the art style which is still undecided. I may use Kenney.nl assets or use simple primitives and colours. The general idea is you are moving in a direction at a speed and when you hit a wall you change direction and travel in the opposite direction. You can tap to jump to try and get to higher ledges and avoid falling off of the screen.

Mechanics : I hope to eventually have the following mechanics implemented.

  • Procedural generation of the level as you progress so that its always somewhat different.
  • Coin / Orb collectables to obtain score
  • Timer – Try to beat your previous time and score
  • Jump counter, try to limit your jumps to compare your skill against others
  • Possibly have a mini-map to give a little information on what to expect next
  • Enemies that roam their respective platforms

This is what I currently have in mind and I’m going to continue working on this on a daily basis so hopefully soon I can share more progress with you all.

That’s all for today, make sure to follow my blog so you get a notification when I’ve added new content.

Thanks, Rob.