This week in the life of a Programmer / Gamer

Welcome back everyone, sorry it’s been a while since my last post but it’s been pretty hectic the last few weeks.

Bevel Studios

Firstly the time on my placement is quickly running out and I really want to finish the work we have been doing on a new game, I’ve been doing level design and this is a first for me, I’ve never really designed levels for a game except when I used to make maps for Red Alert 2 & its expansion pack Yuri’s revenge. With this in mind I was quite excited about working on levels for this project.

I never really focused on a huge amount of balance in my maps I made when I was younger, I think this is mostly because I made a lot of asymmetric maps and this provided me with a simple way to balance the maps without having to consider much past the layouts, I always used to get a great deal of feedback from my designs and feel this has helped me when designing the levels this time around. I had to take into consideration the way a player would look at the level and try to predict what their default route would be to complete the level.

This allowed me to put obstacles in the way of the player and force them to re-evaluate their position and get them to try more routes that they believe would help the achieve their goal. This provided me with an odd sense of power and I liked it ha-ha.

So that’s Bevel Studios work and I’m very excited to get back to work tomorrow and continue my work, I really do enjoy working on new skills and getting feedback from my co-workers.


So remember I said I had been busy? Well Titanfall was a large cause of lost free time, I have so far spent around 40 hours playing Titanfall and I love this game, sure its got its faults like every game but over time I hope that the developers work to provide a better gaming experience for their users, as of Friday I believe they added some fixes and addressed balance and some known bugs. I would have liked to see some more changes but I’m sure they will come with time. I will provide a link to the patch notes so that you can check out the changes for yourself.

I mainly play with a few friends normally there is 3 – 4 of us playing together and we work pretty well together while being on Skype. We all have different play styles but I think this makes the game more interesting. I look forward to seeing what DLC is offered and this will determine whether or not I purchase the season pass for discounted DLC.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is another cause of lost time, a few weeks ago they released a massive pre – expansion patch that brought with it a large amount of fixes, changes and new systems. This got me and a few friends playing and I have been having a blast slaying demons and collecting legendary items. Overall I feel that the new patch has brought a lot of people back ready for Reaper of Souls to be released Tuesday 25th March.

Reaper of souls introduces a new Act, new loot, new monsters and a whole lot more, I will provide a link to so you can check out the new changes for Diablo 3.

Finally I’m trying to get myself back into shape and heading to the gym a few times a week so this also takes some time but come April 17th I officially finish my placement and will be heading back home to Essex towards the start of May. I will have a silly amount of free time so I plan to get cracking on my dissertation and finally push out The Crate Escape for iOS when I have access to my parent’s iDevices.

Speaking of The Crate Escape it has now surpassed 200 downloads for Android, 100 downloads for Windows Phone and around a 100 downloads between Blackberry and Kindles. This has been my first ever game I have released and am very happy with the results and feedback / support I have received from friends and family.

Thanks for reading,


Titanfall – Patch Notes

Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls Trailer