Back on track and Titanfall withdrawals.

Welcome back everyone I hope your all doing well.

This week I was to discuss the current work I have been putting into The Crate Escape and why I lost a lot of development time last weekend / first half of this week.

So the Titanfall beta is over as of Wednesday night for us in Europe and I’ve been feeling pretty lost without being able to jump on and climb all over walls and Titan mechs. This beta took a away quite a lot of the time I normally spend developing my game and well it was worth it but I have made a large amount of progress this week.

Leaderboard are now fully implemented thanks to Bradley Stone for providing the backend systems and the API to integrate into The Crate Escape. Bradley has provided me with a way to submit scores and retrieve them, his work also allows me to use specific queries that may make their way into the game in the form of providing the user with their previous information or something along those lines. Its taken quite a lot of time to get this implemented and to squash all the bugs that came with that implementation but that is finally 90% complete only a few more things to do before that’s good to go.

Secondly I have reworked the UI layout and design, I have cleaned up a lot of code in the back and the user experience should be better for it, I have changed the button texture as I felt the previous was just horrible as a button, I still need to work on an animation to provide the user with visual feedback showing they have interacted with the button but that’s on my list of fixes and polish.
I really like this theme and feel it makes the game look more professional than previously, I also feel like it gives the game a better look I felt previously that it was empty and bland.

See below for an image of the updated UI design.

UI Update
UI Update

As you can also see in the screenshot above I finally managed to get Admob working on Android too which took a fair but of time but thanks to an awesome fellow indie developer I finally got it implemented and working, I don’t expect to earn much but anything is better than nothing when you’re a student.

Music is coming a long nicely, I have two music students working on pieces that I really like and feel I can incorporate them both into the game nicely, I will hopefully put a preview of those up sometime next week.

Other things to note that have been implemented in the newest build are a Credits page, Sensitivity adjustments for the accelerometer, and general bug fixes. I plan to have version 1.7a release hopefully within a week but I also want to get it deployed for iOS with a free + Ad’s version and a paid version without ads.

Anyhow that’s pretty much it for this week I will continue to provide updates as I go.
You can find version 1.6 on the various platforms below.

Android – Windows Phone 8 – Kindle



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