Titanfall PC Beta, Early Thoughts.

Hi everyone and welcome back, todays topic will be on TITANFALL 😀

Screenshot 2014-02-16 19.14.22

So I finally got access to the Titanfall beta after watching footage on Youtube and Twitch.tv for what felt like forever and I must say I’m very impressed. The game makes the FPS genre feel fresh and with a new lease of life, I feel the primary reason for this is the freedom at which you are able to move really makes the difference to the playstyle of Titanfall. With a standard shooter like COD the maps feel very small and although in Titanfall you can move so quickly I feel the depth added to the game by wall jumping and double jumping really adds a new dimension to the game and makes me feel like I have a lot larger space to play within.

The controls feel responsive and I haven’t had any graphical issues or FPS problems, below is a small breakdown of my PC.

CPU: Intel i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz
GPU: Gigabyte 670GTX 2GB
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz

This is running the game on Full graphics with Insane textures enabled, I’m not so sure if Insane textures work at the moment as I didn’t do a comparison between High and Insane but the quality of the games art feels really nice and futuristic.
The Titans are the next thing that change the way we will play Titanfall compared to other FPS and that’s because the dynamic of the game changes when you have to avoid Titan’s. You must use the roofs of buildings and inside buildings to avoid being absolutely ripped apart in a few shots by the Titans powerful weapons. Although pilots can jump on the Titans and severely damage them its always dangerous to approach a Titan as it can simply crush you.

Each player start’s as a Pilot and within around 2.00 – 2.30 of gameplay the first Titan’s begin showing up and wrecking havoc on the battlefield, there are two types of Titans that can be called in with Burn cards and these can be called in at the game start if you desire so this can really give you’re team and early lead by having some early map domination.
Burn Cards are perks you gain and can use when you respawn in-game, they give you access to weapons, boosts or Titans.

Although Titanfall only allows for a maximum of 6 vs 6 human players it does add AI soldiers to the battlefield for both teams that capture strategic points and make the battlefield much more alive, it also provides a way for new players to feel useful to their team as the AI’s are pretty weak when it comes to attacking you so they’re very easy to take down and give you points towards your objectives.

After 6 hours of play today I feel that this is a fantastic game and will be preordering it ASAP, I do however have a few issues with the game and I hope they get addressed in one way or another and they are the following:

Smart Pistol – This weapon auto targets and takes 0 Skill, you mow down AI soldiers and players alike its simply Overpowered.

Game Length – I feel that the match times are incredibly short, Just as I’m getting on a role the game ends and I feel underwhelmed, I would like the game modes to have two choices, standard which is the time that it is currently at and another mode which employs a game time of about 2 – 3 Times longer.

Short of these two issues I’m crazy for this game and I don’t know how I will cope 1 month without the Game when the beta goes away.

Thanks for reading,


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