Somewhere to express my thoughts and aspirations.

Hi everyone, so I decided I wanted a proper place to keep track of all of my ramblings and developments with games and applications and I figured if I paid for a domain name I would be more inclined to actually post, I feel this will help me reflect on my experiences and share them with people who may be interested. Mostly I will be discussing game development and programming maybe little bits of code I find useful that people may benefit from and so on.

I’ve always wanted somewhere I can go and just look back maybe 2, 3 months or even year’s and just recall what I used to do and how much I have(hopefully) grown. I am currently working on multiple projects, One of them I have discussed over at the other tab titled “Development” I have discussed The Crate Escape.

My aim is to write a few posts a week hopefully, these will just entail my weekly ramblings be it development or what games I have been playing.

Well that’s all for now busy busy now. Thanks,


The Crate Escape by Joe Weaver.
The Crate Escape by Joe Weaver.

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